Ruby on Rails application: zero to Welcome page

1. First of all you need to download Railsinstraller exe kit from : Download Rails Installer

2. Install Railsinstaller software in your computer.

3. After successful installation it will create a folder automatically name as “Sites” at C:\ drive .

4. Open command prompt and go to “C:\Sites\” folder

5. Now you need to create a rails application, using the command “rails new app_name”

6. It will generate a rails application automatically with bundle install.

7. Now go to your project’s root folder . example : ” C:\Sites> cd app_name”.

8. Now you need to run the rails server and type the command for example: ” C:\Sites\app_name>rails s”.

9. Wait a few minutes and rails server will start. leave this command prompt without closing.

10. This is the time, to browse your first rails application and open your browser and browse as: http://localhost:3000


Rails applicaion welcome page


11. Some rails command

* To check ruby version type : ruby -v
* To check rails version type : rails -v
* To check gem list type : gem list
* To update your gem list type : gem update
* To manage bundle install type : bundle install
* To manage your database migration type : rake db:migrate


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