Hi Visitor , Welcome , ūüôā

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Lets introduce with me……..

I am Mohammad ziyed Uddin , I am simple, trying to be Honest.
May Allah(swt) Guide me and Accept me, ameen 

My home district is in Chittagong at Mirsarai .I have completed my SSC 
exam from Victory model high school in Chittagong and HSC from 
Govt. Haji Mohammad Mohsin College also in Chittagong .Then i went to 
Dhaka for my graduation.I got admitted to IIUC Dhaka campus and studied
at B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering.Fortunately i got a job as
a Software Engineer at bGLobal Sourcing LLC before my completion of 
graduation. Since that time, i have started my professional carrier
in Bangladesh IT industry. After 3 years i have left bGlobal and 
joined to CloudNet360 as a Senior Software Engineer. 

Now I have Good professional experience at web programming and application
development.I am working with PHP-MySQL more then 5 years and having good
professional experience of working with different MVC framework like
Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Symfony, CakePHP,Zend, Yii, Magento, 
Laravel etc. I have also developed Hybrid Mobile application.
I am always hungry to learn the new things and capable to achieve new 
professional platform within very short time. I am always ready to 
take the challenge and try my label best to solve that ASAP.

Still now i can say , i am success ,Alhamdulliah .

My educational background

1.        SSC           2003            science             Grade: A         Grade Point: 4.38

2.        HSC           2005            science            Grade: A         Grade Point: 4.00

3.        B.Sc          2010             CSE                  Grade: A-        Grade Point: 3.6

Technical Skills:

  • Expertise:
    • C, C++, Assembly, JAVA, Visual Basic (Little).
    • HTML, HTML5,¬† XHTML,¬† XML,¬† CSS/CSS3,¬† PHP5, Ruby, SQL,¬† MYSQL,¬† AJAX,¬†Javascript, jQuery, JSON, Prototype, Mootoos, Ext JS, CURL, SOAP API, Marketo API , Google MAP API, Subversion , GitHub, Yeoman, Ext JS.
    • Android application ( beginner ).
  • Framework & Tools: Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, Magento, appRain.
  • CMS: WordPress , Expression Engine, Joomla.
  • Tools: Photoshop, Flash.
  • Software:¬† Microsoft Visual Studio c++, Bloodshed Dev C++, Notepad++, CodeBlocks.
  • IDE: Netbeans , Eclipse¬†.
  • Networking:¬† FTP Server, DHCP Server, DNS Server .
  • Systems:¬† Windows XP, Linux (UBUNTU, Fedora), UBUNTU SERVER.
  • Concepts:¬† Database Design and Risk Analysis, E-R Diagram, RAD Model.

Performance At Programming :

  • I Attend NCPC in Bangladesh held at NSU, SUST, IIUC, DIU, BUBT.
  • I Attend ICPC, 2010 held in NSU.
  • I solved 102 ACM problems at all in UVA site (UVA ID:¬† ziyed2011).
  • I have an ACM UVA Solution and Analysis Blogging site—-iiucziyed.blogspot.com
Working Experience :
  • Six months C, C++ teaching experience in a private institute at Dhaka.
  • Worked as a Software Engineer at bGlobal Sourcing Ltd since jan, 2011 to Feb, 2014
  • Working as a Sr. Software Engineer at CloudNet360 since Feb, 2014 to Present
To know more about me, send an email to ziyed2011@gmail.com
Direct contact me at   +88  01915  984808 


Thanks and Regards


Md. Ziyed Uddin
Senior Software Engineer

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