1.MediHELP:This is my first project build on RAW PHP using PHP5 , MySql , Ajax , jQuery , CSS3 etc .

2.AFW/PALS:This project is build on symfony framework.I worked on this project with my four team members . We used PHP5 , SYMFONY Framework , MySql , Ajax , Jquery etc.

3.ABCexport:This project is a commercial one build on CodeIgniter Framework.I used PHP5 , MySql , jQuery , CSS3 etc .

4.bGTimeTrex: It is an online based Time Trex system developed for bGlobal employees attendance and performance evaluation.i used CakePHP Framework, PHP5 , MySQL, jQuery etc to developed it.

5.Lizzard Sports:  This site is a business website developed for a leading garments locate at Chittagong.i used Codeigniter Framework, PHP5 , MySQL,  jQuery , photoshop etc to developed it.

6.TechData Event Portal: TechData event portal is an event management system.This site built on CakePHP Framework,PHP5 , MySQL, Ajax, jQuery etc.

7.NQ Mobile: This is a Ruby on Rails project.It is a site of mobile antivirus distributor company at USA.This is my first Ruby on Rails project.

8.Metal Gear Solid: This is a Konami brand Gaming site developed using CakePHP framework.It is a multi lingual site.

9.NQ Mobile Family: This site is developed using WordPress. I did lots of wordpress core functionality in this project.

10. Bayard Advertising: I did more then 5 projcts of Bayard Advertising using CakePHP Version 2. All projects are one page with a resume submission functionality and Admin panel.

11. RTime: This site developed using WordPress CMS. i worked with more then 5 team members.

12: Survey Module: I have developed survey module with frontend & Backend functionality for CloudNet360 project of Premium Web Cart.. Used Codeigniter Framework to develop.

13: Optin Template Builder: Development platform is Codeigniter. Optin template creation with on the fly Drag and Drop features. Developed for CloudNet360.

14: Islamic Evidence Site: Development platform CakePHP. Responsive website. Searching Islamic Evidence from different Sources like Quran, Hadiths books.

15: Islamic Education & Research Foundation: Development platform CakePHP. I worked with one of my team mate to develop this site. Islamic Articles, Books, Audio & Video Lectures etc and different type of knowledge resources are available here for the truth seekers

16: Four Corners Restaurant: Development platform CakePHP 2. This is a restaurant project developed for a USA client.

17. Lemon Task Manager: Development platform Codeigniter 2. This is a project manager tools to manage project. Posting Task, assign to respective person, Approve task, UN-approve task, Message, User Management and lots of functionality developed here. I worked with team.

I am still now working on different applications, modules and features…



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